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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sickening speech

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad made a speech today. He praised Hezbollah for defeating the Israeli army as if it was the Syrian army who did it and criticized the Lebanese politicians known as the 14 April coalition and portrayed them as traitors and Israeli agents and held them responsible for the war on Lebanon. He also criticized Arab countries for not supporting Lebanon during the crisis.

I’m not defending anyone here, but who the hell does he think he is??? After 30 years of Syrian occupation, he dares to interfere again in Lebanon and try to create tension and internal discord among Lebanese!!! The Syrian army did not lift a finger when Lebanon was attacked in 1996 and this time and today he has the nerve to call others “half-men”!!! Why is there no Syrian resistance against Israel which has been occupying the Golan Heights for decades? How come Syria denied supplying weapons to Hezbollah? Are there any Syrian intentions of reoccupying Lebanon again? I wonder.

Your speech Mr. President is simply sickening and I pity the Syrian people for having such a feeble leader. The “Free People” (That’s what a Kuwaiti customs officer told me she likes to call Lebanese when I passed the Kuwait customs service yesterday) are aware of your Machiavellian schemes, Mr. President, and will not be subdued by your dictatorship once again.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Israeli fighters with moral values !!!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What have they gained?

A few days before the United Nations Security Council vote on a draft resolution that is intended to end the conflict between Israel and Lebanon, I contemplate on what happened during the past 28 days of war and destruction. After the kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, Israel has declared a full fledge war on Lebanon, targeting residential buildings, ambulances, fleeing civilians, and UN observer posts and personnel, as well as civilian airports, power stations, milk factories, grain silos, roads, most bridges and television stations and killing more than 800 civilians. Massacres were committed against civilians, the most gruesome being the second Qana massacre when 34 children and 20 adults were killed when the Israeli Air Force destroyed the building they were taking cover in. (The first one was committed in 1996 when 106 civilians, mostly children, were killed while sheltering in a UN compound that was bomb by Israeli warships).

Even now, when all discussions are focused on ending this war, Israel military sources say that they are in a process of renewed escalation and plan to hit strategic civilian infrastructures. What have they gained by doing this? More hatred? Any hope for peace in the Middle-East has vanished into thin air (I can’t imagine the Lebanese ever forgiving Israel the carnage it has done these past weeks, and we are known to forgive and forget). Even the Israeli people has suffered from this war, hundred of thousands being forced to live in shelters in north Israel to take cover from the rockets fired every day by Hezbollah in response to the attacks. The Israeli Defense Force was helpless in south Lebanon combating Hezbollah fighters, thus shattering the image of the IDF as an indestructible army. The destruction of civilian infrastructures in Lebanon, and the use of cowardly techniques in their psychological and propaganda warfare to frighten the Lebanese made even the ones pushing for the disarmament of Hezbollah embrace the Islamic Resistance and support its operations: Their “Divide and Conquer” strategy did not work this time and Hezbollah is more popular than ever…

Israel has found itself caught between a rock and hard place: Stop now and Olmert will lose face, continue and lose more troops without being able to achieve any of the goals it has set. Meanwhile it’s the Lebanese people who are enduring all of the consequences of this conflict. Besides the death toll that is rising with each passing day, hospitals are likely to stop receiving injured because of the fuel shortage and lack of electricity. God only knows the outcome of this war, but one thing is sure, we have not endured 30 years of occupation and 15 years of fights for freedom to see it all destroyed on a whim of some redneck politician thinking he can change the map of the Middle-East.

The Truth finally on Sky News

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