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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dubai Trip

      It's 11:10 PM. I'm sitting in the bed in my hotel room in Dubai, listening to some Mp3 songs I downloaded to my laptop before coming here. It's my 5th night in Dubai and I'm here on a business trip. I've already visited most malls, went to a few clubs and pubs and even went to the movies once. That's all you can do in Dubai when you're alone. I remember my trip to Paris when there was so little time after work to see all what needs to be seen in that great city. Well, that's the difference between an old historic European city and a new artificial one. Yes, artificial; I can say it without any reservations. Dubai has some of the most sophisticated building structures, greatest towers and most luxurious hotels but it lacks the soul or ambiance of other ancient cities. Paris has one, Beirut has one but not Dubai. You experience a strange feeling of delight when you stroll down the Rue Des Champs Elysées or when you wander in the Quartier Latin at night but not when you stray in some fancy mall like the Burjuman or the Mercato, even if that last one was built in an Italian style. Maybe I've listened to Aznavour too much in my adolescent years or maybe I'm just bored to death but living in the A/C 24 hours per day and not being able to breath some clean fresh air has really affected me. It's between 38 and 40 degrees in the shade here and there's so much humidity in the air that you never see the sky. You can barely distinguish where the sun is at noon. Going out of a building to hail a taxi cab will make you sweat like a pig, let alone walking a few blocks to reach a nearby store. And watch out for that freezing A/C in taxis when you've been waiting for them too long, it will slap you right in the face. I'm looking forward to going back to Lebanon in a few days. It may not be that idealistic place one would dream to live in, but at least you can sleep with the windows open at night!!!


Anonymous Rita Saghbini said...

Well yeah, I had that same feeling the same day I landed in Dubai: fake, artificial, all made of stones and glass, all I could see were buildings and roads...
And just imagine my deception: you are comparing Dubai to Beirut and Paris, I was 6 hours away from Mauritious!!! The land of sugar and smiles, the island of exotic beaches, the paradise of the honeymooners...

9:14 AM  
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