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Friday, June 03, 2005


In the midst of a huge power struggle over the number of parliamentary seats each bloc will claim after the election, a leading journalist and writer was assassinated today, in broad daylight, in Ashrafieh. Samir Kassir, a columnist at the An-Nahar newspaper and a university professor, was a staunch anti-Syria campaigner and has long spoken out against Syria’s occupation of Lebanon.

But what happened after the assassination was something almost equally sickening: Election candidates and last-minute opposition advocates taking advantage of this heinous crime to back their electoral campaign and hold their political foes accountable for this act. Typical Lebanese politicians’ behavior. I would gladly want to see Lahoud resign or even thrown in jail but not before guaranteeing an adequate substitute, elected by a free parliament. And what about Nabih Berri? Here he is, running for the elections and probably hoping to remain the Speaker of the Parliament!?!?!?

All things considered, I’m disgusted by this whole situation. The memory of March 14th is being used as an electoral campaign slogan and stripped of its real value. For most candidates, all what matters is getting into the right bus to win the elections regardless of who the driver is or how much the ticket costs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roy..Congrats for the FPM win..Can you tell us more about it.

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