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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The New Pope

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now known as Pope Benedict XVI, was elected the new pope today. Cardinal Ratzinger is a well-known conservative and is likely to follow the same path of his predecessor Pope John Paul II. He is considered to be the Church’s leading hard-liner, which is not a bad thing, in my opinion, for a man in his position. I pray he will be able to lead the Church in the right direction.

Pope John Paul II with Cardinal Ratzinger.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

News Update

So many things happened since my last post on this blog that I don’t know where to begin writing about them. First, I passed the CCNA exam which I’ve been studying for for so long… It was tough as I was studying by myself, but I finally made it. Second, I started working full time (and lots of overtime) which made me cut back a bit on writing.

Fortunately, no new explosions were heard since the 2nd of April, possibly due to the extra security measures implemented by civilians all over Beirut.

On April 2nd, Pope John Paul II, a great man, passed away at the age of 84. He will never be forgotten by the Lebanese people, nor will his celebrated visit in 1997 when he declared “Lebanon is more of a message than a regular country”.

On April 13th, commemorating the start of the war, in 1975, the Lebanese celebrated a “national unity day”. Concerts, exhibitions and a marathon were organized from the 8th to the 13th in downtown Beirut. The participation of the Lebanese was very high, especially to Magida El Roumi’s concert, on the 13th, which I had the pleasure of attending. The sweet angelic (and yet so powerful) voice of this diva, along with the lyrics of her famous patriotic songs are prized by generations of Lebanese youth.

On the political side, Mr Najib Mikati was named Prime Minister today, as a replacement for the resigned PM Omar Karami, bringing some hope to the political scene in Lebanon.

Photo of Magida El Roumi on stage (Courtesy of The Daily Star)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fourth Blast

Another gloomy night in Lebanon. A fourth explosion detonated tonight in Broumana, in the underground parking of a residential building (Rizk Plaza). Till now (two hours after the explosion) there’s no information about any human fatalities, but seven people were slightly wounded. The similarities with the previous blasts are still the same but this time the target of the terrorists changed from a commercial and industrial area to a residential area where civilians are most vulnerable.

Two weeks have passed since the first blast and 47 days since Hariri was killed but still no clues were uncovered about who might be behind these terrorist acts.

I’m sickened by the news these days; the elections will be probably delayed and the whole situation is getting out of hand. Hope for a better future is getting weaker every day.