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Saturday, March 19, 2005

What's next?

A massive car explosion shook New Jdeideh yesterday night. Fortunately, no one was killed but about nine people were injured and a lot of damage was caused to the nearby buildings and stores. I went there today to check on a friend who lives near the explosion site: the scene reminded me of the destruction we used to see during the war. It was frightening... The big question on everyone’s mind is: Why? The bomb obviously didn’t target any political figure. It was set to detonate after midnight so it was not expected to cause lots of casualties.

There were also reports of a kidnapping that took place at the same time of the explosion and witnesses described the cars involved and even had their license plate numbers. Now that shouldn’t be a difficult task for the local police and intelligence to find out who the culprits were…or should it? Will this new investigation lead to another dead end and back the opposition’s claims that all security commanders are incapable of doing their jobs (Powerless or unwilling?) and should resign immediately?

What was the message behind this act of terror? Will this be the start of a series of terrorist acts targeting the Lebanese people? What are they expecting to accomplish? Divide us again? Make us change our mind about the withdrawal of the Syrians? Make us go back into the dark tunnel now that we’ve finally seen the light at the end?...


Blogger D. B. Light said...

The "insurgents" used the same kind of tactics in Iraq, trying to start a civil war from which they could profit. The general public did not respond to the provocations. Instead they turned against the insurgents. I am amazed at their wisdom and fortitude and hope the same prevails in Lebanon.

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