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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another demonstration

A massive pro-Syrian crowd (counting several hundred thousands), sponsored by Hezbollah, flocked into downtown Beirut today. The protesters were showing their support for the Syrian government and its president who declared, on Saturday, he was pulling his troops from Lebanon and thus complying with the UN Resolution 1559.

What struck me the most, about this demonstration, were the similarities with yesterday’s protest against the Syrian interference in Lebanon: They were all holding Lebanese flags. They were shouting for freedom and independence. They demanded that the murderers of Hariri be found and brought to justice…

But they were also brandishing the Syrian president’s pictures whereas Syrian troops are the only occupying foreign force in Lebanon. Now where’s the logic in that???

They also condemned UN Resolution 1559, not only because it stated that Syrian army and intelligence should withdraw from Lebanon but also because it called for the disarmament of Hezbollah, the main force behind today’s demonstration. I agree that the issue of Hezbollah should not be discussed at this time but it will be, sooner or later, and that’s what’s terrifying Hezbollah leaders…

Another point I should mention: Most of the demonstrators today came from the south of Lebanon where Hezbollah has a big influence and where Syrian presence is minimal. If they had experienced the Syrian intelligence’s meddling in every little detail of every day’s life, I don’t think they would have objected to seeing them leave so soon.

What will these people have to say after the entire withdrawal of the Syrians, in a more objective atmosphere? I think we should wait and see…


Blogger Matthew said...

First off, be safe. The situation could go any way. Second, know that there are a LOT of Americans the support you and are with your cause. We went through the same thing 250 years ago.

Be firm, fly low, stay cool, and make a stand.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that all this will come to a independent conclusion...Lebanon and its people deserve no less!!!!

4:26 AM  

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