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Monday, February 21, 2005

A ray of hope

A protest was organized in downtown Beirut today. Tens of thousands of Lebanese marched from the site where Ex-Prime Minister Hariri was assassinated one week ago to the Martyr’s square, unified by one cause: Lebanon’s independence through the withdrawal of the Syrian army. “Liberty, Sovereignty and Independence” was their motto. For the first time since the war started, I witnessed Lebanese from all religions and sects shouting the same slogans. Christians, Muslims and Druze came together to protest against Syria’s tutelage, calling for One Free Independent country for ALL.

Is it a dream coming true?

Have they finally realized, after 15 years of war and 15 years of occupation that they should be joining hands not fighting each other?

Lebanon has a history of dreams being shattered through assassinations, invasions…etc. Will this one survive?

Only the future will tell but I have a strong feeling it will. It’s our last hope, a hope of an entire generation born during the war and longing for peace.

I took these very expressive photos of the protestors with my mobile phone (click to enlarge).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is truly a dream come true.
Hopefully, Ex Prime Minister Hariri's death will not be in vain....but for a greater cause for the true independence of Lebanon!!!!!

12:19 AM  

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