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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Politics and a storm

It’s been some time since I last posted anything on my Blog. The fact is, I didn’t really have anything interesting to write about and, to tell you the truth, I felt a bit lazy. I hope it was a transitory state of mind, not to be repeated in the future.

Two significant events caught my attention these last couple of weeks: the first one is political and concerned the commotion that was caused by the exiled General Aoun concerning his return to Lebanon and the conflicting attitudes of numerous government officials: some were welcoming him back while others threatening him and menacing of lawsuits. What’s really funny about it is that the same officials that were proclaiming him an enemy of the state and a threat to national security a few years back are greeting him nowadays warmheartedly. Ahh the hypocrisy of politics!!!

The second noticeable episode was the storm that started last week and ended yesterday night. Heavy rains, hail and even snow hit Beirut. The weather was freezing and roads were transformed, as usual, to war fields, a real treat to 4X4 drivers and off-road fans. I took these two snapshots using my mobile phone while going to work yesterday (Click to display actual size).

Photos of the snow in Beirut can be found here.


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