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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Star Academy

It’s Friday night. I’m sitting in front of the TV, getting ready to write my next article. I’ve decided to tackle a subject I’m quite familiar with and that would have been useful to readers of this Blog - computer security - but I’ve just changed my mind. I’ll postpone writing about computers to another time and write instead about the show that’s airing on TV tonight: The Arabic version of Star Academy. It’s a real-tv show in which several supposedly talented young people live together in a house where they learn how to sing, dance…etc. Well, I’ve got to tell you this: Cat meowing is easier on the ears than most of these guys’ singing. How do they pick them? On what criteria do they base their selection? Maybe they choose terrible singers on purpose, so viewers can observe the progress they make during their time at the academy? The bottom line is: LBC (the TV station in charge of Star Academy Lebanon) is not living up to its usual standards. We used to watch much more interesting shows and now, all we see is a bunch of teenagers running around corridors shouting at each others. Star Academy Lebanon is a renowned show watched all over the Arabic speaking world but, in opinion, it will never create stars. Maybe it’s just trying to reach for them too high.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across your "Think Of That" article,and I have to tell you; I absolutely 100% flat out agree with you.
I used to think they key word there was ACADEMY turns out it's just a name..& what's in a name right?
Anyway,I don't know what to call myself,I'm just a reader/writer,but I enjoyed, thank you.

6:33 PM  

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