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Saturday, December 25, 2004

A thought on Christmas

It’s Christmas today. The long awaited day has finally arrived, bringing along the usual cheerful moods, joyous greetings and festive family gatherings. By family, I don’t imply what the typical meaning of the word would (parents and their children), but its Lebanese interpretation (Parents, children, uncles, aunts, grand parents, friends…etc). I might be blessed with a large and loving family but like the Italians and the Greeks, the majority of Lebanese enjoy celebrating Christmas (or any other holiday, by the way) with their many relatives and friends. It’s a nice tradition, which might turn off some, but I personally find it very enjoyable.

Sadly enough, Christmas has lost its true meaning; it has become an opportunity for businesses to exploit the Santa Claus character and awaken consumers’ desire to spend their hard-earned cash on useless over-priced junk… For those of you who forgot what it’s all about, Christmas is the celebration of our Lord Jesus’ Birth in a small town called Bethlehem in Judea more than two thousand years ago. The gifts that were offered to Him by the three wise men were Gold (symbolizing His Kingly Office), Frankincense (symbolizing His Divinity) and Myrrh* (a symbol of His Suffering and Death)… not a 34” Flat Sony TV bundled with a DVD Player and 5 speakers set!!!

Finally (I hope I don’t sound condescending here), I wish to address all the kind people who thought about the less fortunate and made their life (or at least a few minutes of their life) a little better this Christmas: Christmas comes just once a year but people are in need every other day of the year; you’re doing a great job, keep it up!

*For more information about the first three gifts, click here.


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