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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Broadband in Lebanon, at last?

The Internet was first introduced in Lebanon around 1995/96. Back then, we used a slow unreliable dial-up connection that was good for sending emails or chatting at best. Few people used the Internet and it wasn’t a vital means of communication for most of them.

Times have changed since 1995 but sadly, the methods we use to connect to the WWW haven’t, at least not for home users. Don’t get me wrong, dial-up connection is pretty reliable now and you can get a 56kbps download bandwidth, but who wants dial-up when everyone else is using cable or fast ADSL?

Illegal cable internet is available almost anywhere in Beirut for 44USD/month, standard price for all illegal cable internet providers (Makes you wonder, huh?), and it’s a lot faster than dial-up and cheaper in most cases. But it’s still illegal and mostly unreliable, especially in bad weather conditions.

A few weeks ago, a new company (Global Data Services), along with the Ministry of Telecommunications and some local ISPs, introduced a new subscription plan for home users (some kind of wireless link using a receiver installed on the rooftop of your building) from 45USD/month for a 128kbps connection (Notice the 1$ difference with illegal cable) not including the installation fees (around 75USD); and there must be at least 3 subscribers/building or they will not proceed with the installation…

Why do we have to pay twice what users in other countries are paying for an Internet connection at least 4 times faster?

Wouldn’t a large-scale solution be more profitable to the government and more favorable to the end-user?

I wouldn’t know. At least the Internet is still uncensored... or is it?


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