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Friday, December 17, 2004

Britain's Outlaw

The British home secretary, David Blunkett, submitted his resignation, two days ago, as he was found guilty of using his authority to speed up his ex-lover’s nanny’s visa application to stay in Britain. He was one of Britain’s most powerful Cabinet secretaries but he had the decency to admit his fault and resign because he used his public office for “private benefits”.

You might be reading these lines and thinking that Mr. Blunkett couldn’t do otherwise - he had to resign. If that’s the case, then you’re definitely not living in Lebanon. This “private benefit” is considered an obvious privilege in the eyes of the politicians of my dear country. In fact, they run for election just to be able to take advantage of their position and do much more than speed up applications. Even voters choose their candidates depending on these individuals’ willingness to quickly resolve their little problems…

I wish we had a few David Blunketts amongst our ministers in Lebanon. He might be considered corrupt in Britain, but he’s surely more honest than most of the politicians over here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first heard this on the news, I thought that this was the honorable thing for Mr. Blunkett to do because he did something wrong.This goes on everywhere but many do not get caught and it is kept very quiet.
In Lebanon it seems that it is expected and being discrete is not an issue. That is where the difference is !!!!

4:10 PM  

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