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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Common Sense

Today several thousand people have gathered in the Martyr’s Square in downtown Beirut to express their allegiance to the Lebanese government and Syria and their condemnation of the United Nations’ Security Council resolution 1559, a resolution which dictates the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon and the end of it’s tutelage over it.

Several thousand people were brought from all over the country to counter the hundreds of demonstrations that were organized over the past years demanding Lebanon’s freedom and the ending of all foreign interference in its internal affairs.

In a public statement released one week earlier, the recently elected Prime Minister announced he would organize a million-strong rally to prove to the world that the majority of the Lebanese condemn UN’s resolution 1559 and would not want the Syrian army to leave Lebanon. !?!?!

I was watching the demonstrations on TV and wondering if I was really seeing clearly or I needed something to help me understand what was really happening. Throughout history, people were fighting wars so that they could free their country; and here, some are struggling to keep their country occupied. What’s happening goes beyond any common sense…

Dear Lebanon, you are one of a kind…

Even your own people (or a least a part of it) is braving the entire world so that you never get your freedom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a sad day for Lebanon.Every year when Lebanon's independence day arrives, I wonder when we truly can celebrate it!!

3:38 PM  

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